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Finding Your Beat, powered by Yes! Fitness Music


Finding Your Beat, powered by Yes! Fitness Music

Group Fitness Instructors use a variety of music in numerous ways. From background music to foreground music to adding a fun factor to cueing, pacing, setting the mood, and choreography design, music is the foundation of your class. Finding Your Beat will introduce you to tempo and how tempo influences safety and exercise performance, as well as how to use real time, half-time, and double-time tempo to manipulate intensity and find the correct tempo for specific formats. The course will also provide common music based cueing techniques like 4-beat cueing, 2-beat cueing, phrase based cueing and song based cueing and show you what these different cueing techniques look like in a class setting. In addition, Finding Your Beat will explain music legalities for the Group Fitness Professional and provide current digital tools to help you find your music and manipulate it to fit specific requirements of different formats.

Upon completion of this course, fitness professionals will be able to:

  • Use music to teach safe, effective and motivating classes.
  • Identify the beat, the downbeat, and various musical phrases.
  • Explain how to use music to refine and polish cueing skills.
  • Describe tempo and recommended tempo by class format.
  • Explain legal and ethical digital music usage for group fitness.


4 CEUs

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