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Essential Injury Prevention


Essential Injury Prevention (Bundle)

As a fitness professional, you know that moving efficiently in activities is key to performance and longevity for you and your participants. With AFAA’s bundled Injury Prevention Series – Essential Injury Prevention (Parts 1-4), you’ll take group fitness to an individual level by learning to assess your class and see how students move, uncover common imbalances, and make adjustments to correct them.


The 4-part video series covers the common mechanics of injuries, strategies for prevention, and basic rehabilitation exercises. Diagrams and examples of exercise progression ideas for the major muscles in each of the following sessions are included.



Group formats discussed include Cycle, Resistance/Strength Training, Cardio/HIIT, Boot Camp, Dance, Aqua and Mind-Body. 



Part 1—Understanding Injuries


Learn to define categories of injuries, stages of inflammation and repair, and basic injury terminology. You’ll also review commonly tight muscles and high-risk exercises. Intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors for injury are covered, as well as the AFAA “5 Questions” and the Exercise Continuum.



Part 2—Lower Body


You’ll focus on common misalignments of the hip, knee, lower leg, ankle and foot, and learn prevention strategies and basic rehabilitation/post-physical therapy exercises. This course reviews anatomy and structure, as well as muscle movements and major mechanisms of injuries.



Part 3—The Spine


Explore injury prevention for the spine, with a focus on spinal anatomy and structure, muscles and movements, common misalignments, major mechanisms of injury, strategies for prevention, and basic post-physical therapy exercises.



Part 4—Upper Body

Expand your knowledge of the common mechanics of injuries, injury prevention, and basic rehabilitation exercises for the upper body, including the shoulder complex, the elbow, and the wrist. Review joint anatomy and structure, muscles of the glenohumeral (G-H), shoulder girdle, elbow and wrist joints. 





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