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Group Ex Instructor


Group Ex Instructor

Fitness should be fun, challenging and rewarding. A great group instructor knows the human body, the science of exercise and how to inspire, challenge and motivate change in the lives of the people they lead. AFAA knows how to create great group instructors.

How AFAA will prepare you:

With your AFAA Group Ex certification, you’ll get the tools, training and knowledge to help you lead people to healthier, happier lives. In this online program we’ll cover these key topics to get you prepared.

  • The Human Body & Exercise Physiology
  • How to Design, Choreograph and Teach a Class
  • The Basics of Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Professional Responsibilities and Business Strategies
  • And so much more

You must complete the program within one (1) year of your enrollment date. Currently certified AFAA instructors will earn 15 CEU credits upon the successful completion of this course. A valid photo ID and CPR/AED certification are required at the time of your exam.

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Group Ex Instructor
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