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Group Ex Instructor


Group Ex Instructor

Share your love for fitness and be the person others look to for motivation and results as a Group Exercise Instructor. AFAA's Group Ex certification will teach you how to craft fun, inspirational classes that people get excited to attend, all with science-backed movements and exercises designed to help participants enjoy getting fit.

Group Ex is a great springboard into working in the fitness industry, whether you hope to become a personal trainer, augment your existing fitness skills and certifications, or simply have fun leading others in high-energy workouts.

The Group Ex Program

AFAA's Group Ex certification teaches you how to be a fitness leader, from creating classes that keep people coming back for more, to quickly identifying and evaluating movement quality and using your knowledge of the body to incorporate the right exercises to correct imbalances.

We combine digital learning with helpful study resources you can complete at home, at your pace, into a comprehensive learning system that prepares you for the exam. Through the course, you'll learn:

  • The essentials of the human body and exercise physiology
  • How to design, choreograph and teach a class
  • Training on modalities such as aquatic exercise, kickboxing, circuit training, dance, yoga and Pilates
  • The foundations of nutrition and weight management
  • How to adapt formats for special populations, including pregnant and senior participants
  • Business skills and professional responsibilities as a Group Ex Instructor

Along the way, you'll have access to email, phone and chat support from AFAA specialists who are ready to help you become the type of instructor who inspires people to achieve their fitness goals. Plus, you'll become part of AFAA's extensive community of Group Ex Instructors, all happy to give you advice.

Currently certified AFAA instructors will earn 15 AFAA CEUs upon the successful completion of this course.

Certification Requirements

Once you enroll, you'll have one (1) year from of your enrollment date to take the certification exam. Additionally, a valid photo ID and CPR/AED certification are required at the time of your exam.

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Group Ex Instructor
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Group Ex Instructor
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