AFAA Recertification

AFAA certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. As part of this commitment, AFAA certifications must be renewed every two years. 

Recertification Requirements

In order to recertify, you must earn at least 15 approved hours of continuing education and at least 2 of these CEUs must be from AFAA courses. You can select to earn your remaining CEUs by taking additional AFAA courses, courses offered by AFAA-approved provider courses or, if you take coursework that is not pre-approved, you may fill out a petition application for CEU review and approval.

You will also need to hold a current CPR/AED certification in order to recertify with AFAA (online CPR/AED certifications are not accepted). 

Recertify for Life

 Introducing AFAA Recertify for Life! Rather than paying a renewal fee every two years, you now have the option to pay a one-time renewal fee upfront and never have to pay a renewal fee again!  Please note, you still need to purchase and complete your continuing education as well as submit a renewal application and proof of current CPR/AED certification. For more information on renewal options please see below or the  AFAA Renewal Application.

How to Recertify:

Step 1: Complete the AFAA Renewal Application

Step 2: Make your payment by phone at 800-446-2322, Option 2 or online:

Step 3: Submit your documentation by mail. Please include:

  1. The AFAA Renewal Application (with proof of a name change if applicable.)
  2. A copy of the documents that validate your earned CEUs.
  3. A copy of the FRONT and BACK of your hands-on CPR/AED certificate.

Mail all documentation to:

AFAA Recertification
1750 E. Northrop Boulevard, Suite 200 
Chandler, AZ 85286-1744

Please note payments and applications are processed separately. Payments are processed immediately upon receipt. Please allow 30 days for the application to be processed.

* A late fee is required (per certificate) for applications received 1-180 days after the certificate expiration date.

Reinstatement Option Discontinued:

We no longer offer a reinstatement option.   Any AFAA certified professional whose Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Fitness Trainer certifications has lapsed for 180 days or longer will not be permitted to recertify and instead will need to repurchase and pass the certification exam again.  Please contact an AFAA Education Advisor to discuss your options at 800-446-2322, Option 1.